We can drug screen your potential employees quickly and securely with eCup and eReader.

Reports suggest that an estimated 65% of all workplace drug tests are for pre-employment screens— making it the number one reason for testing.

With the integrated eCup® and eReader® system, we automate donor testing—allowing you to successfully hire and maintain a drug-free, productive workforce. The eCup and eReader provide the immediacy of rapid, point-of-care drug screening without the risk or concern over manually interpreted testing.

The eCup/eReader solution is utilized by many of the nation’s largest employers—we can apply this same testing solution for your candidates.

What’s the difference between eCup and mCup?

The perfect pre-employment test solution

  • Reliable: The digitally screened 5-panel rapid urine test removes inconsistencies of manual interpretation

  • Automated: An electronic chain of custody form (eCCF®) sheds the reliance on burdensome paper

  • Fast: Negative results are delivered to your desktop in 15 minutes

  • Powerful: The application gives you access to real-time event status and result reporting

  • Flexible: eCup was created as the “best-in-class” pre-employment solution for employers of all sizes

  • Proven: Several of the largest employers in the world use this service—now you can too

  • Expedited: Make faster hiring decisions about the top candidates you want to hire before your competition

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