According to statistical estimates provided by the NCADD and the U.S. government, employers incur over $81 billion in additional costs due to employee drug abuse. The impact of reduced productivity, increased medical expenditures, escalated safety hazards, higher turnover rates, and greater legal costs is substantial in both business and personal losses.

Secure Testing, Inc. can help reduce these costs and keep your employees healthier and more productive in a safer work environment. Our employee drug screening process is simple, quick and convenient, and it will simplify your pre-employment and workplace drug testing demands with our electronic, instrumented screening systems.


We can drug screen your potential employees quickly and securely with eCup and eReader.


The xReader system electronically screens expanded test menus of up to 10 commonly abused drugs.


When the situation calls for manual instant testing, we offer an easy-to-use solution: the mCup.


The MARK-V is DOT/NHTSA approved and uses a precision Electrochemical Fuel Cell to provide reliable and accurate test results.

Lipid Analyzer

Accurate and readily accessible results that have set the standard in point-of-care lipid profile, cholesterol, and glucose testing.

Hair Testing

Hair testing can provide trends of drug use or abstinence by sectioning a hair sample and testing each segment for a more detailed analysis.

Manage all types of screening demands.

DOT, non-DOT, rapid testing, breath alcohol testing, lab-based testing, mobile testing, and more.

Paperless Electronic Chain of Custody Form.

Reduce program costs by incorporating a paperless process, and automate compliance management with our help.


Used by employers of all sizes.

Cost Effective.

We provide fast results at a reasonable cost with less paperwork.


Removes the inconsistencies of manual interpretation.

Technology Driven.

Our automated system incorporates online event scheduling, donor tracking, test status, built-in compliance reports, random test scheduling, and easy DOT MIS report generation.


So you can make faster decisions.


Our location is easily accessible, and we are supported by a nationwide network of over 4,400 collection sites.

Easy. Automated. Compliant.

We deliver an integrated, paperless screening solution for employers seeking automation, faster results, and tools to regulate compliance

Secure Testing, Inc.


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